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Pavel Baňka

Pavel Baňka (Czech Republic) – Lives and works in Prague. His work has been exhibited widely in many art museums and other prestige venues around the world. He is a founder and editor in chief of Fotograf Magazine [published since 2002] an ...

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Matthieu Parent

PARENT Matthieu lives and works in Marseille.

He began his photographic career in 2000 working with a photographer specializing in shooting of objects of art (paintings, furniture, bronzes), photographs taken to illustrate the catalogs of ...

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Festival workshops are the possibility to get unique knowledge form best world’s photographers and curators.
All our workshops will have special topic that will be presented by lectors during 2-3 days with a small groups for 10-15 ...

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Ana Ryaboshenko

Ana Riaboshenko (Tbilisi, Georgia) is an artist and curator.
She has worked as an independent artist from 2000, she participated in many local and international art projects among them International art symposium ALANICA 2014, Vladikavkaz; ...

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Open call only for Ukrainians!

The contest “SELFie” – competition of self-portraits for the exhibition “Odessa. Photo Days”, which  will be held in April 2015, during festival Odessa//Batumi Photo Days.

More details on Ukrainian.

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Photo Exhibition “Passport Photos”

public space in Odessa

Author – Shalva Alkhanaidze
Curator – Anna Ryaboshenko (Georgia)

Shalva Alkhanaidze, a self-educated photograph (1927-1978), was born in the mountainous Mta-Tusheti (the Dano village) North East region of Georgia.

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Adam Mazur

Adam Mazur (Poland) – art critic, art historian, curator, editor-in-chief of “Szum”magazine. His main interests are contemporary art and documentary photography. Teaches at Art University in Poznan. In years ...

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Rafal Milah

Rafal Milah (Warsaw,Poland). Photographer and book artist based in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland and Institute for Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic where he currently ...