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Exhibition «Theater of life»


 Exhibition – Tomasz Lazar (Poland)
19:00 – 21:00

Contemporary Art Space Batumi Z. Gamsakhurdia 1/5, Batumi 6000

(Free entrance)

Tomasz Lazar ...

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Main exhibition Territory//Space in Batumi

The subject of TERRITORY//SPACE is a broad topic that involves several dimensions: private, social or political. Every territory has its own borders, either conventional or clearly marked on the global political map. However, are these borders ...

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Exhibition of Ukrainian photo books in Batumi

Every year the culture of creating photo books is becoming more popular and vibrant. This movement did not spared Ukraine too. Ukrainian photographers like book format of representation, because it allow them to experiment with the design and ...

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Workshop by Tomasz Lazar // Finding the moment

The workshop will be based on a subject of the street photography, and will reflect the festival main theme territory//space. During the workshop, participants will work on the ways of building strong images and elaborate their own projects. The ...