April 4
19:00 – coffee & culture house “Les” ( Vice Admiral Zhukov st. 3/7) – best photos of Kolga Photo Festival (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Belarus Press Photo Festival.
April 5

19:00 – Art Club “Exit” ( Bunina st. 24) – selected list of Asia photography (curators – Angkor Photo Fest, Cambodia)

April 10

19:00 – publicity bar “I love you Petrovich” ( Polska st. 12) – the final program will consist of LAGOS Photo Festival (Africa) and EASTREET Photography (Poland) photo-presentations.


This is not the final program because we expect materials obtaining from three other Festivals.

The admission to all screenings is free, but space is limited by location capacity. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about foreign photography, to see what kind of pictures wins the competitions and where to apply next year.

Written by AlexAdmin