Alphabetic Tower, Old Boulevard, Batumi, Georgia

Sitara Ibragimova’s project aims to assist gender understanding and equality through various portraits of local women by educating them on their rights the opportunities available to them. As a whole, the goal is to get a sense of what other women have gone through can begin the peaceful change for a greater good and will help us envision the kind of work we would like to live in, contribute towards meaningful and sustainable women’s empowerment initiatives and make a serious difference in the lives of girls and women in the local community.
In Azerbaijan women are born into a society that is still having to face social inequalities ranging from gender-specific abortions, mistreatment from their spouses, eve teasing, being married off at an early age and in some cases being denied an education by their families.

2The project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Azerbaijan Republic.On May 28, 2018 among the important accomplishments of the Parliament, they will be celebrating the 100th year of universal suffrage introduced in the country, making Azerbaijan one of the first countries in the world, and the very first Muslim nation, to grant women equal political rights with men.

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Venue: Alphabetic Tower, Old Boulevard, Batumi, Georgia


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