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Vytautas Michelkevičius (Vilnus, Lithuania) is a curator, art and media researcher, publisher, and associate professor in Vilnius Academy of Arts.

There he is also holding the artistic director position at Nida Art Colony – a residency and education centre on the Baltic Sea coast. He holds a PhD in Communication studies (Thesis on Critical media theory and photography) from Vilnius University.

In 2013-2015 he was holding a postdoctoral fellowship on doing inquiry on artistic research and its methodologies. The monograph from this research is forthcoming in autumn 2016.

Moreover he is interested in photographicallity of art and society, socializing through art, interdisciplinarity between art and research, artistic research, experimental teaching, and participatory curatorial practices.

Vytautas has authored or edited more than 10 catalogues and books on media theory, art and photography since 2002. He is mostly curating group shows and in 2015 he was a curator of Lithuanian Pavilion in Venice Biennale with artist Dainius Liškevičius artistic research project «Museum».

Description of the work-shop – Conceptual Photography / 20-21 of April /

Conceptual photography or how to use photography in your creative practice without having too many technical skills and knowledge

This workshop will open up to you possibilities how to use photography as an artist without having too much knowledge on it. Since the 1960s lots of contemporary artists were using photography in very amateur ways but their ideas and messages were great.

After short introduction and colourful examples, I will ask everybody to try to make your own work where you will express your ideas through photography. You will be surprised how simple it is to use photography and make art: for example, document performance, express your emotions and tell your story.

Sometimes you even don’t need to make a picture to be an artist, you can find millions of them online and make the right choice (as a curator).

Detailed information about the workshops.

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Erja Salo (Helsinki, Finland) is the Head of Education and Public Programs in The Finnish Museum of Photography and responsible for the development and delivery of wide range of learning, interpretation and audience development programmes for and with a diverse audience across the city of Helsinki and nationally.

Her interests lie in visual culture, media education and artist-led learning programmes.

She is also the founding member and the president of The Finnish Association for Museum Education Pedaali 2011-2013.



Description of the work- shop – «How to read photography» / 20-21 of April /

The workshop will be held in two stages, the first day (20 April) for the general audience, the second (April 21) — for professional photographers.

The main purpose — to learn how to read visual symbols in pictures, understand the hidden contexts, work with photo archives and combine modern archival photos from the series and independent projects.

Detailed information about the workshops.

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Martyna Wyrzykowska (Warsaw, Poland) is a graphic designer based in Warsaw, Poland.

Interested in design as a form of communication, focusing on research and visual storytelling, with a strong interest in book design.

She had provided numerous educational programs and workshops on photobooks with Paper Beats Rock foundation she had co-founded, and currently works in Azimuth Press art education collective.




Description of the work-shop – Photobooks: how to make it / 20-21 of April /

How one can think about a book of images? And how does exactly a photobook work, and what does it consist of?

We’re going to focus on narrative potential of images and photographs, and try to practice the processes in which the author, as a curator in gallery, can create meanings and interlinks between the images to tell a story, or how other properties of a photobook medium could be utilised to underline the narration, or to deceive the viewer.

Detailed information about the workshops.



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