Festival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days  presents another participant in Batumi – Andrei Liankevich from Minsk, Belarus.

Within Festival Andrei will open an exhibition “Good bye, Motherland”.

29 August 18:00 meeting with author Andrei Liankevich (Minsk, Belarus); 19:00 exhibition “Good bye, Motherland” more information

About Andrei Liankevich:

Andrei Liankevich odesabatumiphotodays

Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2015 – Andrei Liankevich

Andrei Liankevich, Belarusian photographer, born in 1981 in Grodno and based in Minsk (Belarus). He has presented his photographic oeuvre in more than 60 exhibitions around Europe, Asia and the USA; e.g.  collective exhibitions such as “She has female name” were presented at the Museum of Modern Art  and at the Zachęta Gallery in Warshaw (Poland),  and he showed “Unknown Country” photo project as part of the Third Month of European Photography in Uferhallen, Berlin. In 2010 “Pagan” book was published – Andrei’s the first book about Belarus Pagan traditions. In 2010 Andrei got 6 prizes in Belarus Press Photo award.  In 2012 Andrei was among 15 the most influential artists of Belarus in 2000-2010.


About exhibition “Good bye, Motherland”:

The idea how people after the horror of the war come back to “normal” way of life and create aesthetically  beautiful crafts makes me think for a long time. It makes me wonder how the folk traditional crafts were made by people, who killed, who saw dead bodies or survived from hunger. It is the question without answer for me how this two completely different sides of life comes together. If we’ll try to tough “Memory” – the situation has the solution:  man’s memory blocks negative memoirs not to make us crazy, to continue “normal” life- this is how evolution instruments work. That is why I decided to combine Belarus traditional ornaments from the crafts made by people who have seen war (WWI or WWII) with USSR war archive photos.

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Work from exhibition “Good Bye, Motherland”

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