The second photo festival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days is waiting for all of those who are interested in Odessa. In April the South Ukrainian Palmyra will become a place for meetings, discussions, training and communication of the photo community of Ukraine and the whole World for 5 days!

«We are preparing the program of the exhibitions, lectures, work-shops and screenings as well as the announcements of the open competition. Meanwhile, you can look through the concept, topic and the dates of events. Save some time for your Odessa photo-vacation and follow our news!»,– say the organizers of the festival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2016.

Одесса//Батуми Фото дни 2016

Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2016

April 13-17, 2016, Odesa

Topic – Space//Territory

It is a pretty wide topic which aims to demonstrate several domains – from private and artistic to social and political one. Every territory has its borders, either conventional or clearly marked on the global political map. However, are these borders the same for everyone, or are the lines uncrossable? Festival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2016 gives a chance to study and visualize this issue in several areas:

Personal space – change in the understanding of the concept of privacy in the context of globalization and virtualization. What is a private space today, and where is a boundary in the process of interaction between an individual and a society. In which way does photojournalism and creativity change in the present-day world?

Place of intersection – a place of intersection of several components, a moment of interaction of time, space, and society, it is an analysis of these components and visualization of the results of the intersection.

Territory of power – these are the stories of social and political fight for a particular territory, the processes of occupation, conquest, loss, or gain. It is a documentary or author’s coverage of the problems of the present-day world when geopolitical division seemed to have finished and have been fixated in history textbooks, but the craving of authorities for more changes the borders between the cities and states every year.


Written by AlexAdmin