The festival begins with a meeting with curator Kateryna Radchenko (Odessa, Ukraine) and her exhibition from Ukraine “Trust zone”.

At the meeting we will talk about the festival, its theme and purpose, about the program of this year in Odessa and Batumi, about state of the contemporary photography in Ukraine and exhibition which Kateryna will represent in Georgia.

August 25, 18:00 Meeting with curator Kateryna Radchenko (Odesa, Ukraine) and presentation of the festival Odesa//Batumi PhotoDays.

19:00 Opening of the exhibition “Trust zone”, curated by Kateryna Radchenko (Odesa, Ukraine)

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About Kateryna Radchenko:

Curator – Kateryna Radchenko (Odessa, Ukraine) Artist, curator, researcher, head of NGO Art Travel (Odessa, Ukraine). Curator and organizer of Odessa//Batumi Photo Days Festival (Ukrainian part).

Curatorial projects in Georgia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, France, Estonia, Ukraine. As an artist working with photography and installations.

Residency programs: Museum of Photographic art (San Diego, USA), Pinchuk Art Center (Kyiv, Ukraine), Gaude Polonia: specialization – Photography, under guidance of Adam Mazur (Warsaw, Poland).


Kateryna Radchenko, curator, Ukaine | Odesa//Batumi Photo days

About exhibition “Trust zone”:

Kateryna Radchenko curator project has brought together four Ukrainian photographers and now explores scopes of trust in society through visual images and stories.

Informational flows fill our lives, we perceive visual information every second. Information loses its function of notification and acquires the characteristics of manipulation and populatization. Every day we are influenced by these waves, analyze and pass through, trust  seen/ heard things, or doubt. Influenced by or affect those who are nearby.

The project “Trust zone” is a history of influence in Ukraine and visual interpreting of understanding of the meaning “trust” towards to memories, memory, religion, politics and space reproduced in four photoseries.


Lana Yankovskaya (Kyiv, Ukraine);

Dmytro Tolkachov (Kyiv, Ukraine);

Elena Subach (Lviv, Ukraine);

Vyacheslav Polyakov (Lviv, Ukraine).

Знімок екрана 2015-08-01 о 20.31.51

Elena Subach (Lviv, Ukraine) | Trust zone | Odesa//Batumi Photo Days


Lana Yankovskaya (Kyiv, Ukraine)| Trust zone | Odesa//Batumi Photo Days

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