Curator Sergiy Lebedynskyy

Opening 21 of April at 21:00
Exposition space of Museum of contemporary art of Odessa, Leontovicha str., 5


Today Kharkiv School of Photography is a recognized phenomenon, and its traditions have been continued by several generations of photographers. Group work, intensive information exchange between artists, special inner freedom and the spirit of experimentation are the main factors that when combined are the hallmark of Kharkiv photography.

The phenomenon appeared in 1971, when group of photographers «Time» was created. The group consisted of Yevgeny Pavlov, Yuri Rupin (the group’s «ideologists»), Oleg Malevanniy, Boris Mikhailov, Gennady Tubalev, Alexander Suprun, Aleksandr Sitnichenko and Anatoly Makeyenko.

The group declared its «blow theory», turning photography into a weapon in its confrontation with the official Soviet culture. It was a thorny path: they lost their jobs, were brought to the police and got registered in the KGB.

Nude photography was the primary reason why they were persecuted. The other reason was the photographs “defaming” the Soviet reality or the ones that were hard to understand to middle-of-the-road audience.

«Kharkiv. 18+» is a tour of underground Kharkiv photography of the 1970-90s.

The exhibition will be showcasing the originals of well-known and previously unpublished series by Yevgeny Pavlov, Yuri Rupin, Oleg Malevanniy, Roman Pyatkovka, Sergiy Solonsky, Sergiy Bratkov and Boris Mikhailov.


Yevgeny Pavlov, «Breakfast in the garden», 1988


Roman Pyatkovka, «Coven», 1988

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