Memories in glass


19:00 – 21:00

(Collection from the archive of the Alkhanaidze Family)
Curators Lili Mamatsashvili (Georgian National Museum)
& Ana Riaboshenko (Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia)
Ajaria State Museum of Fine Arts Gallery, Z. Gorgiladze 8, Batumi 6000
(Free entrance)

Unknown collection from Alkhanaidze family archive

“… if I want capture immediately what I see now (and along with it how I see it) than I will never ever capture it. I am diagnosing and fixing it same time. Not early and not late. Just right this second. ADer one second it will become different, beGer or worse, but different” – Dziga Vertov

Photo is a world of naked truth. The lens sometimes is far more perfect that the human eye. The innovators just say that it sees things that human cannot observe.

The unknown photographers glass negatives were discovered at the self-studied photographer Shalva Alkhanaidze’ (1927-1987) family archive that is very influential and creates unique sentiments because these are human behaves, events and details that creates different stories.

It is not much known about these glass negatives, besides that Shalva Alkhainadze started photography by his close relative advice, so it can be considered as his relatives belong.

Even composition and form used in the pictures reminds Shalva Alkhanaidze manner in his portraits.

The negatives captures families, individuals, couples and possibly relatives with the ethnic carpets on the background that is also interesting from the ethnology perspective.

The exhibition of the unknown glass negatives aims to show this unique environment that describes the specific of the époque probably thirties of the XX century. These époques is completely gone now, but its charming reality is captured in the glass negatives by unknown photographer, it combines the everyday life, relationships, characters that creates an inimitable beauty of the Pasty of the mountain Tusheti.

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and Georgian National Museum

Photo - Memories in Glass


Lika Mamatsashvili, curator Tbilisi History Museum

Ana Riaboshenko, Ministry of Culture and Monument protection of Georgia

Texts authors:

Lika Mamatsashvili, curator Tbilisi History Museum Ketevan Trapaidze, Film historian, Dr. of Art History

Written by AlexAdmin