for-web_reanimaciaCourse participants “Conceptual Photography with Roman Pyatkovka” from PhotoCULT center (Kyiv), conducted “Reanimation” – literally or figuratively. Within 5 weeks of training authors have created series of works that have a common concept, different accents and colors, internal emotional structures, habits and sublimated ideas. The exhibition was on display at the Contemporary Art Center M17 (Kyiv) in February, now it is presented in Odessa.

Each artist has his own code: colorful, black and white, modern. It can be interpreted in different ways, as you want, feel, know. Long scenes, history, sex, love to the country, remaining of the last year, cloying sweetness and scorching gold, fish and wood are in front of viewers eyes as the beginning of a new way.

All theorists – the main mourning ceremonies, repeat as a spell expression of Roland Barthes: “Photography has died, and photography is going to die.” What is in between? And, in between these states must be “REANIMATION.”

All new artistic directions bury previous, but we do not maliciously dance at these funeral because reanimation is shortest path to renaissance.

Artists: Sergei Beck, Anton Buyalo, Olena Kasian, Nina Lishchuk, Oleksii Mykolenko, Alex Pele, Viktoria Pidust, Olga Solonko, Oleksii Tovpyha, Olga Toropova, Constantine Fedenko, Daria Fesechko, Lana Yankovska.

Curator: Roman Pyatkovka.

Hellenic Foundation for Culture ( Chervonyi provulok, 20)

Written by AlexAdmin