In Batumi at the festival “Odesa//Batumi Photo Days” will participate artists Group Shilo from Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Within festival they will open two exhibitions, which will be placed at the public space in Batumi. Also featuring meeting with the artists.

August 26 at 18:00 will held meeting with the artists/presentation and at 19:00 opening of the exhibition “Healing Muds ” and  “Treatiakovka” –  information.

Group Shilo:

Our photography focuses on the social issues in our country. We mostly work with the legacy of Ukraine’s soviet past. Rapid changes in the country happened after the collapse of Soviet Union and Ukraine gaining its independence, led to formation of strong inhomogeneity among people as for their way of living and their culture. The majority couldn’t adjust to it and had to survive instead of thinking of how to progress. The land stuck between the soviet past and uncertain present. What future will we have? is the question we are trying to answer by burrowing to the past, revealing people fears, absurd and the lake of logic in their behavior.
Shilo group was founded by an engineer, a surgeon and a scientist Vladyslav  Krasnoshchok, Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Vadym Trykoz in Sept. 2010.


Group Shilo – Vladyslav Krasnoshchok, Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Vadym Trykoz

About Exhibition “Healing Muds”:

The “Healing Muds” series shows the south of Ukraine, the Arabat spit. This resort is a place of interest of Ukrainian and Russian low-middle classes. Abandoned after the collapse of Soviet Union it was tardily reborn during the last twenty years. The thermal water source and its muds are considered to have a healing quality, but every visitor is coming with his own receipt.

Healing Muds

Photo from exhibition “Healing Muds”


About Exhibition “Treatiakovka”:

Vladyslav’s philosophy that everything can be saved and revived, in part, refers to his primary occupation as a reconstructive facial surgeon. In the series “Tretyakovka” he takes vintage reproductions of very old paintings from the Tretyakov Russian State Gallery and overlays them with his own photographs, clip-art and even dried fish or cookie to give them another meaning.


Photo From exhibition “Treatiakovka”

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