катерина радченкоOne of the first meetings within  Festival in Batumi will be meeting with curator of the Ukrainian part of Odesa//Batumi Photo Days  Kateryna Radchenko.

Katerina started her career as a sports photo correspondent, later moved to the reportage shooting, but the last seven years actively studying the theory and history of photography that influenced her work and curatorial activities.

The meeting will start at 18:00 in the Contemporary Art Space, Z. Gamsakhurdia Street, ⅕.

During the meeting with the curator and photographer can learn about the history of the Festival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days, talk about the trends of photography in Ukraine.

She is speaking about her  experience how it to be can be an artist –photographer and curator – and organizer photo festivals. «The hardest thing – to find and maintain a balance between two selected professions, but the desire to create something new gives inspiration», – says Kateryna Radchenko.

At the end of the meeting all are welcome to 19:00 at the exhibition «Trust zone» (Ukraine), Location – Batumi Archaeological Museum Street, I. Chavchavadze, 77.

Festival program

Written by gv.od.ua