25 August at 17:00 you can meet curators Eastreet photography festival (Lublin, Poland) – Aleksander Bochenek, Grzegorz Ostrega, Joanna Kinowska at Contemporary Art Space Batumi (Z. Gamsakhurdia 1/5). Entrance is free.

Eastreet – is an exhibition and printed publication dedicated to street photography from Eastern Europe. This unique project is the largest initiative of this kind – almost 20 000 photographs were submitted to all three editions by the authors from around the world.

The intention of Eastreet is to have a closer look at human presence within public spaces of Eastern Europe. The questions we pose are: what kind of changes people experience there and what kind of interactions do they participate in?; how do individuals shape their environment, and how the environment influence their lives?; what is hidden under the surface of everyday life?

The formula of street photography fits ideally to this subject matter, but we do not understand it in a narrow, conventional way. «We try to explore the borders of the genre, look for new stylistics, new names, fresh ideas. Last, but not least – we want to promote the street photographers working in this part of the world and build a platform for exchange of ideas, dialog and inspiration», – saying Eastreet curators.

The idea of Eastreet is evolving. «We would like it to be not only an exhibition, but also a platform for communication, education and inspiration for the photographers working in the region. This is why this year’s exhibition opening, that took place in Lublin/Poland in July, was accompanied by a series of educational events – professional practice workshops and lectures», – saying Aleksander Bochenek.

After meeting with artist at 19:00 opening of the exhibition at open air space

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