Georgian project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.

LOCATION / fence the State Archives, Zhukovsky str, 18

OPENING / 14 of April 2016 at 15:00

Project «Georgian Village» – Natela captures a village, where she was born, which she left 27 years ago and moved to a city.

«It is quite in the village its calm. People here are leaving close to ground and nature. People here are aware of their life … they have believed in what they are doing, and, therefore, they are more powerful and sincere.  I feel better in the village, not in town, and because I grew up there, I constantly miss my homeland.

I do not understand when people say that village life is difficult and boring. Sometimes they tell me that my photos make them cry and feel them sad, they feel compassion for those who leave there. I was always surprised to hear this. If I would see these pictures they make me feel I want to live here. This would be enough for my happiness…»

natela grigalashvili odessa-

Photo from the project, that will exponent in Odessa

Natela Grigalashvili was born in Khashuri, Georgia. Her childhood dream was becoming a cinematographer but photography turned out to be a media which brought more comfort to the artist. Artist was introduced to photography in various studios and established as a photographer after working independently for years. From the 1990s, Grigalashvili has been participating in different exhibitions and art projects.

Artist worked as a photo reporter as well as a film operator. Grigalashvili was awarded the Alexander Roinishvili Prize for her contribution to Georgian photography in 2007. Her photograph the Son of a Fisherman is the winner of Your Shot, National Geographic Photo Contest, 2013. In the 1990s photographer used to shoot with black-and-white film. For last 10 years, Grigalashvili has been taking color photographs with a digital camera. Artist mainly makes photo series and realizes long-term art projects. While working on a photo series Grigalashvili focuses on the story which is told by the image…

The famous series are: Georgian Village, Javakheti, the Dukhobors, Azerbaijanis in Georgia, Animal Market, Traditional Holidays, Aquarian Women, Pankisi Gorge. Grigalashvili lives and works in Tbilisi.

She teaches photography at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and at Tbilisi State University. Artist permanently works on photo projects and travels in different regions of Georgia. Grigalashvili founded photography school in Javakheti (2014) and in the Pankisi Gorge (2015).


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