open-call-for-webAll our workshops will have special topic that will be presented by lectors during 2-3 days with a small groups for 10-15 persons.
Basic knowledge of English is required.
Working language is English, volunteers will help with translation on main questions but no interpreters provided.
All participation in workshops is free of charge but applicant should provide cover letter (max 500 words) and portfolio (10 photos – 72 dpi, 800 pixels) and specify the name of lector. All selected applicants are welcomed for donation (150 UAH) for coffee breaks, press kits and technical equipment.

Application form

Open Call is from 7 of February till 8 of March 2015.

The results of selection will be after 15 of March.

Adam Mazur. Topic: Curator versus Photographer.

 Following issues will be discussed:
– working with a curator on a project (solo/group show);
– photographer in a relation to an art institution
– ways of exhibiting photography

A workshop will be a mix of lecture and discussion. It will be a close study of individual cases and examples of personal projects of participants.
Dates – 5-6 of April (11:00 – 13:00)

 Rafal Milah. Topic: Storytelling with a photo camera.

Such issues will be dealt with during the workshop:
–       how to create your own photo story
–       shaping the result into an exhibition or a photo book
–       complex approach to the project (from an idea to selling)

The working process will also include discussion of personal series with Rafal.

Dates – 6-7 of April (10:00 – 18:00)

Petter Engman. Topic: Documentary Photography – past, present and future.

By looking at photography one can explore the history, but it’s only a glimpse into the past, fleeing moments that are caught on film or a digital sensor.
Without context and supporting information very little can be understood from a more complex situation and even less trusted as being the truth.

Day 1:
From fieldwork to photo archive – a presentation on Sune Jonsson Centre for Documentary Photography and Västerbottens museum. (presentation, lecture and slideshow)
Relationship and intentions – why do we photograph and for what purpose? (lecture)

Day 2:
OWN ASSIGNMENT – based on the lecture given on “relationship and intentions” there will be a practical moment in the workshop with time to do own work.

Day 3:
Presentations of work (in digital form). Time for feedback and discussions.

Dates 8-9-10 of April (13:00 – 16:00)

Pavel Baňka. Topic – Portrait in the public space.

This is a real possibility during two days to find out how to shoot portraits of strangers in the public space. It’s about communication and boundaries of confidence in photography.
Work-shop will be held in studio as well as in the city streets. An occasion to look after Pawel’s work and to practice under his guidance.

Dates 4-5 of April (11:00 – 17:00)

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