During the visit and participation in PhotoFestival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days Kharkiv Shilo group (Ukraine) will meet with local photographers, festival participants from five countries and everyone who wants to communicate with them.

Shilo Group consists of Vladislav Krasnoschok, Sergey Lebedinsky and Vadim Trikoz.

The conversation promises to be interesting and informative, the words of a group member Sergey Lebedinsky confirm this thesis: “In less than four years we have made the way from photosites to exhibitions in Arles and at the ParisPhoto, so we can share our experiences, show our new book and talk about all- everything. Of course, we are engaged in photography primarily to talk about Ukraine worldwide. If things in our country went well, we would continue becoming engineers and surgeons.

Meeting with Shilo group held on August 26, Wednesday, at 18:00 in the Contemporary Art Space (Z. Gamsakhurdia Street, ⅕). Admission is free, everyone is welcome!

Shilo Group tour exhibitions starts immediately after the meeting within Odesa//Batumi Photo Days, which are located in the public space of Batumi (exhibitions “Tretyakovka” and “Healing Muds”).

According to the authors of the exhibition (which will certainly be discussed at the meeting), these are the projects that are hardly connected with each other both semantically, and visually. If the “Tretyakovka”  by Vlad Krasnoschok is more about working with form, testing the strength of ancient works, then the series “Healing Muds” more is like social documentary about Ukrainians.  But they are connected with Kharkiv “original” visuality.

Intervention to urban space is used in this case as a way to touch greater number of people, to provoke the reaction of those who are accustomed to the urban landscape and would not expect to see works of art.

ФОТО: Вова Панаєв

Picture: Vova Panaev


ФОТО: Вова Панаєв

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