wifeOdessa//Batumi Photo Days – Photo project, International Festival happens in two countries Ukraine and Georgia in two cities on Black Sea – Odesa (UA) and Batumi (GEO). Those two cities are connected not only by seashore but also linked with common history and concept of  their growth and development.

The idea of Odessa//Batumi Photo Days Festival was born from the needs to enlightenment a wide range of audiences, that consume huge amount of information every day in conditions of media wars, either lack of professional training in the field of photography and especially its modern trends in Ukraine.

By our first Festival we’ll try to pay attention to the problem of photo perception as visual media in mass media communications connected to people everyday’s life.

By one team, including artist and curators from Georgia and Ukraine, was developed concept and realization of the Project. Odessa//Batumi Photo Days is the first such Project that happening in two countries.

Odessa//Batumi Photo Days two main parts are:

I. April 2015 – Odesa, UA – Educational program with lectures and workshops

II. September 2015 – Batumi, GEO – Visual program with number of exhibition focused on project’s first part topic

First Festival main theme is History//Manipulation – Research how visual image could contemplate a projection of new historical interpretation.

Written by AlexAdmin