Знімок екрана 2016-11-29 о 10.58.22We are waiting for all the people interested in the development of Ukrainian photo in Odessa on the third Odessa//Batumi Photo days festival in April 2017.

The dates of the event in Odessa are 19-23th of April, 2017. The festival will be held in Batumi in September 2017 and will have a common theme.

The topic of the festival is «Tomorrow//Today»

What is photography today and what influences its future development at the very moment? How would we describe it in a couple of decades and how the new technologies will affect its place in the society?

In 2017 we decided to pay attention to conceptual photography. It is important not only to get know the main development schools of a modern photography but also to understand the logic and the dynamic of formation process of the new visual aesthetics, the principles of interaction in the context of documentary image, to dentify the place and the role of the ukrainian photography at the international level.

The program of the festivals expected to have workshops, exhibitions, lectures, parties, evening screenings and portfolio reviews. 

Тема фестивалю – «Завтра//Сьогодні»

Written by AlexAdmin