The opening of the main exposition of the festival will be held on 13th of April and will be available for visitors till 30th of April in Museum of Contemporary Art in Odessa. To create an exposition Ukrainian photographers were given the opportunity to try their hands in a contest. As a result, 30 contemporary photographers and photo unions from 8 cities of Ukraine are becoming the participants of the exhibition that will present the festival in Odessa.

LOCATION / Odessa Contemporary Art Museum / Belinskogo str., 5

OPENING /  13 of April 2016 at 17:00

головна експозиція main exhibition Odessa//Batumi Photo days 2016 in Odessa

Curator – Kateryna Radchenko.

The exhibition is formed by the competitive selection and contains three guest authors:


Arthur Bondar, Daria Balova, Daryna Nikolenko, Eugen Tsymbaliuk, Gennady Chernega, Gera Artemova, Danilo Proskurin, Kirill Kovalenko, Kostiantin Chernichkin, Kostiantin Smolyaninov, Kristina Podobed, Maria Brodska, Maxim Dondyuk, Maxim Finogeiev, Mykita Yurenyev, Mikhailo Kryven, Natalia Korotka, Nelia Artemenko, Olena Subach, Olexandr Navrotskiy,  Olexandr Ratushnyak, Oksana Kurchanova, Polina Karpova, Roman Bordun, Sergiy Korovaynyy, Group Zhuzhalka (Sokolov, Zasypkin, Yuhimchuk), Shilo Group (Vadim Trikoz, Sergey Lebedinsky, Vladislav Krasnoschok), Tanya Bohuslavska,  Tetiana Kika, Vitali Fomenko.

Photographers from nine cities of Ukraine: Ivano-Frankivsk, Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Krivyi Rig, Mykolaiv, Lviv, Sevastopol, Donetsk.

Series were selected by the Commission, which included Kateryna Radchenko, Tetyana Kochubinska and Olena Chervonyk.

Topic – Territory//Space

It is a pretty wide topic which aims to demonstrate several domains – from private and artistic to social and political one. Every territory has its borders, either conventional or clearly marked on the global political map. However, are these borders the same for everyone, or are the lines uncrossable? Festival Odesa//Batumi Photo Days 2016 gives a chance to study and visualize this issue in several areas.

The exhibition is divided into the following thematic halls:
  • Territory of history and memory – author’s memories and reflections embodied in own photos and found objects. The moment of history and archival pictures importance reunderstanding.
  • Territory of the city – history of changes of big cities and towns; how economic and political factors affect the architecture of public space. Imaging of human and city existence crossing.
  • Private area – an analysis of how the visual perception of private property is changing in the era of globalization and virtualization, the search for answers to the question “what is private?”, “Where the boundaries of our private property”?
  • Territory of Change – a transitional state of the city and border areas, the transformation of existing spaces and their transition to a “conflict zone.”
  • The area of conflict – an attempt to visualize the understanding of “conflict” in space, crossing borders and the corresponding change in the landscape.

Written by AlexAdmin