Every year the culture of creating photo books is becoming more popular and vibrant. This movement did not spared Ukraine too. Ukrainian photographers like book format of representation, because it allow them to experiment with the design and mobility distribution.

During Odessa//Batumi Photo Days everyone will be able to see about 16 photo books and artbooks from Ukraine.

The exhibition is available daily from 10 till 14 September in the Books in Batumi store, Memet Abashidze str., 60. The entrance is free. Some books can be sold.

Знімок екрана 2016-09-04 о 16.14.50
  • Vadym Kulykov, «Kyrgyzstan: A Song In The Mountains», 2014
  • Bogdan Gulyay, My Sexy Chernihiv, 2015
  • Bogdan Gulyay, Bare Nature, 2014
  • Kostya Smolyaninov, Street Theography, 2014
  • Bershadsky Yuri, The territory of the priceless values, 2015
  • Iryna Glik, GREYOMETRY, 2015
  • Ani Zur, Carpathian Diary, 2015
  • Igor Manko, 100 Views of Mount Kara-Dag, 2014
  • Natalka Dovha, VOICES: mute stories about body, food, and emotions, 2013 – 2014
  • Julia Polunina-But, Barricade, 2014
  • Olena Kovach, Wild Field, 2015
  • Vitaly Fomenko, Rules of the road, 2015

In the fall of 2014 the world witnessed with confusion, how,headed by the ambitious adventurer Putin, fraternal Russia invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea. This project reinterprets the problems involved in political territory….

  • Olena Tkachenko, No rhyme, 2016

Book-game where the images are formed in some echoing pair. Sometimes there is a third meaning, but generally nothing serious. Perhaps the viewer will be able to find a new pair.

  • Dmitry Kupriyan, Fragments of war, 2016
  • Dmitry Kupriyan, Maidan, 2015
  • Group Shilo, Chronicle, Photographs by Sergiy Lebedynskyy and Vladyslav Krasnoshchok

The book “Chronicle” features the photographs taken between 2010 and 2015. Front-line Kharkiv, revolutionary Kyiv, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, shown in “Chronicle”, are the scenes of actions that will determine the future of Ukraine and, of course, the whole of Europe.


Written by AlexAdmin