The Ukrainian project The Collective Unconscious (curator Kateryna Radchenko) will be exhibited during the Chiang Mai Month of Photography in Thailand.
The project unites photo series of twelve modern Ukrainian photographers.

The exhibition in Thailand will take place on the 15th of February as part of the Ukrainian festival program, which is represented by Odessa//Batumi Photo days. The Chiang Mai Month of Photography – is a non-commercial festival, which aims at popularization of photography and presents the best work from all over the world. In 2016, Ukraine will be represented by the project The Collective Unconscious.

Correspondingly, in Odessa, the best works from Asian countries such as Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, and Malasia will be exhibited in April.

«For us as the organizers of the photo festival in Ukraine it is crucially important to present Ukrainian photography in the world, help young artists to enter the international level and actualize certain social and political problems with the help ofthis visual media. Cooperation with other photo festivals opens new opportunities and brings new knowledge», – says the curator of the project and the organizer of Odessa//Batumi Photo days Kateryna Radchenko.

Український фотопроект «Колективне безсвідоме» побачать в Тайланді

Source: F/28 is a project of Documentary Arts Asia

About the project:

The Collective Unconscious (a multimedia project) was created in September 2015. It was presented within the visual program of Gogolfest.  The works were selected with the help of a public contest.

The organizer of the project is Odessa//Batumi Photo days festival.

The curator is Kateryna Radchenko.

Participants of the project are:

  • Urenev Nikita, Kiev;
  • Moskalenko Roman, Kiev;
  • Chernega Gennadii, Kiev;
  • Uhimchuk Roman, Poltava;
  • Chernyshova Iryna, Kiev;
  • Subach Helena, Lviv;
  • Lomakin Andrew, Kiev;
  • Artemova Gera, Kiev;
  • Chistyakova Julia,Odessa;
  • Dovha Natalia, Kiev;
  • Kovach Helena, Lviv;
  • Mantyk Vera, Odessa.

The Concept:

Starting from the moment when in 1888 Codak company created the first affordable camera, easy to use,  it became evident that photography will get mass popularity and any person will be able to access it. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a camera, either as an integrated smartphone function or a reflex digital camera. Accessibility provokes a question –“what is professional photography?”, “what is the mass market photography?”.

The project The Collective Unconscious – is a slide show of a series of photos by professional Ukrainian photographers, these are sketches of public life, united by the topic “street”, and created with the help of a camera. Visualization of the moment when an “everyday life situation in public space” requires a documental value.

About the curator and the festival:

Kateryna Radchenko – a photo artist, curator, researcher, leader of civic organization «Mystetski Mandry» (Odessa, Ukraine). Curator and organizer of Odessa//Batumi Photo days.

She has realized curator projects in Georgia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, France, Estonia, Ukraine. Works with photography and installation.

Programs and residences: Museum of photo art (San Diego, USA), Pinchuk Art Center (Kiev, Ukraine),  Gaude Polonia: specialization – photography, under the supervision of Adam Mazur (Warsaw, Poland), Villa Arson (Nice, France).

Odessa//Batumi Photo days is the only Ukrainian photo festival. It took place for the first time in April 2015. The festival is unique because of its noncommercial, openness and because it takes place in two countries – in Odessa (Ukraine) and in Batumi (Georgia).

This year a special contest to take part in the main exposition of the festival in Odessa will already take place. The festival will be held from the 13th to the 17th of April.  The Georgian part is planned for the end of September. The theme of the festival in 2016 is “Space//Territory”.



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