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The workshop will be based on a subject of the street photography, and will reflect the festival main theme territory//space. During the workshop, participants will work on the ways of building strong images and elaborate their own projects. The first part will touch the history of street photography, styles and directions, as well as different methods and approaches. Within the second part of the workshop, the practical shooting on the streets of Batumi will be held. The last day of the workshop, the portfolio reviews and as a conclusion summary of two days working processes will be done. toms lasar

«Untitled #07», 2011,  from  series  «Theater of Life», Courtesy of the artist, © Tomasz Lazar 

Application rules and conditions: 

  • Applicants can be any professional photographer from Georgia or abroad
  • All applicants should receive confirmation mail, without confirmation email applications cannot be considered submitted
  • Application deadline is September 5, 2016; the applications that will be submitted later cannot be accepted
  • Only selected applicants would be informed by the September 7, 2016 via email
  • Maximum number of participants is 15
  • Participation is free of charge
  • Organizers do not cover travel, accommodation or any other related costs to the workshop
  • Workshops will take place in Batumi, from 10-12 of September 2016 every day from 12:00till 17:00 with an hour break in between
  • Workshop address:  Batumi Art State Teaching University, L. Asatiani Street № 37, Batumi 6004, Georgia

Application documents:

  • 20-15 new images dealing with the format of street photography and reflecting the subject matter “Territory//Space” preferably to be send in PDF format
  • Written description:   title, statement and script reflecting subject, methods and goals.
  • your Motivation and commitment

Selected participants will be asked to bring to the workshop:

  • 20-15 new images dealing with the format of street photography and reflecting the subject matter “Territory//Space” in digital format on memory stick.
  • Camera, laptop, digital material from your own photo archives, notebook and pen

Contact information:

  • All documents should be send to a following email address: thephotodays@gmail.com
  • Contact person in regards to Tomasz Lazar  workshop is

Contats: tel.: +995 593 60 45 95
email-address: idzneladze@gmail.com

Tomasz Lazar – Born 1985 in Szczecin, Poland. An independent photographer, a graduate of the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.  Winner of photography contests in Poland and abroad (e.g. World Press Photo, POY, CHIPP, Sony World Photography Award, the International Photography Award, BZWBK Press Photo, Grand Press Photo, Lumix Festival for Young Journalism or Grand Prix at Łódź Photo Festival). His work was published in newspapers and magazines like: New York Times, Newswek International, Sunday Times Magazine, New Yorker, Los Angeles Times or New York Magazine. He is a coffee-lover and a good music enthusiast. He derives pleasure from spending time with other people and devotes most of his time to photography. Recently, he is constantly on the move Education 

  • Workshop with Christopher Morris, Berlin, Germany, 2013
  • New York Times Portfolio Review, New York, USA, 2013
  • Eddie Adams Workshop, USA,2011
  • Workshop with Michael Ackerman,2010
  • Workshop with Lorenzo Castore, 2010
  • Student of European Academy of Photography in Warsaw, 2008-2010
  • West Pomeranian University of Technology, Information Technology Deparment , 2004-2009

Awards and Scholarships 

  • 2016 – II place in BZWBK Press Photo 2016 in singles category “Art&Culture”, Poland
  • 2016 – I place in Grand Press Photo 2016 in category “Art&Culture  – series”, Poland
  • 2015 – Nominated to Deutsche Börse Photography Prize for “Children of Siberia” exhibition, UK
  • 2015 – “Award of Excellence” in China International Press Photo Award, China
  • 2015 – Finalist in Sony World Photography Award in category “Portrait Series”, UK
  • 2015 -“Award of Excellence” in Picture of the Year International in category “Portrait Series”, USA
  • 2014 – Finalist at Prix Voies Off 2014, France
  • 2014 – I place in BZWBK Press Photo 2014 in singles category “Art&Culture”, Poland
  • 2014 – I place in BZWBK Press Photo 2014 in reportage category “Art&Culture”, Poland
  • 2013 -Winner of “Hears 8×10”, USA
  • 2013 – I place in BZWBK Press Photo 2013 in category “Sport”, Poland
  • 2012 – Nominated to UNICEF Photo of the Year, Germany
  • 2012 – II place in World Press Photo in cat. “People in the News”, Netherland
  • 2012 – Grand Prix in International Photo Festival in Łodź, Poland
  • 2012 -Honourable Mention in Lumix Festival for Young Journalism, Germany
  • 2012 – III place in International Street Photography Awards in London Festival of
  • Photography, London
  • 2012-  I place in Grand Press Photo 2012 in category “General News – singles”, Poland
  • 2012 – Picture of the Year Award in BWZWBK Press Photo 2012, Poland
  • 2012 – I place in BZWBK Press Photo 2012 in category “General News”, Poland
  • 2012 – I place in BZWBK Press Photo 2012 in category “Civilization”, Poland
  • 2011 – Nominated to Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year in International Photography Award, USA
  • 2011 – II place in BZWBP Press Photo in category Society, Poland
  • 2009 – Honorable Mention in Sony World Photography Award, UK
  • 2008 – II place in BZWBK PRESS PHOTO, Category: Nature, Poland

Solo exhibitions 

  • “Children of Siberia”, Szczecin Philharmonic Building – Gallery at level 4 , Szczecin, Poland, 2015
  • 2015 – “Children of Siberia”, Łódź Photo Festival, Łódź, Poland,
  • 2014 – “Theater of Life”, Cortona on the Move Festival, Cortona, Italy
  • 2012 – “Theater of Life – Dreamline”, Łódź Photo Festival, Łodź, Poland
  • 2012 – “Theater of Life”, Lumix Festival for Young Journalism, Hannover, Germany

Group exhibitions

  • 2013 – “Dark Water. The Water as Protagonist”, Haggerty Museum of Art, Milwaukee, USA, 2013
  • 2013 – “Hearst 8×10″, Hearst Tower, New York, USA, 2013
  • 2013 – “Art Paris Fair”, Paris, France, 2013
  • 2013 – “Polish photography in Paris and in the world”, Galeria Roi Dore, Paris, France

Other projects and/or occupations Since 2014 he is a teacher at the Fine Arts Academy in Szczecin, Poland. He has started his work on PhD in photography. Publications in magazines

  • 2016 –  Black & White Magazine, “Theater of Life”, USA
  • 2015 – The CUT Magazine, Fashion Weeks London, Milan and Paris, New York, USA
  • 2015  – Sunday Times Magazine, “In from the cold”, London, UK
  • 2014 – OjoDePez Magazine, “Theater of Life”, Madrid, Spain

Publications in books “MONO Volume One”, 2012, Gomma Books, UK, Group presentation of best Black & White Contemporary Photography WWW.TOMASZLAZAR.PL

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