mattiuPARENT Matthieu lives and works in Marseille.

He began his photographic career in 2000 working with a photographer specializing in shooting of objects of art (paintings, furniture, bronzes), photographs taken to illustrate the catalogs of auction houses (the Etude Tajan and KO HN, among others).

Then the young photographer specialized in theater photography, following the troups during their shows.
Soon, he became the first assistant of Matthias Olmeta with whom he developed several large-scale art projects. Indeed, for four years, the two photographers worked together on the construction of two large prints with silver salts (6 meters by 1.27 meters) and challenge the development of alternative photographic processes: Paper salty, Ambrotype. Their artistic collaboration led to the publication of an artist book composed of prints using the barium Viradon and salted paper.

In 2006, Matthieu joined the summer classes of Jane Eveline ATWOO D and Joseph Rodriguez at the ICP «International Center of Photography» in New York.

After studying photography in America, the artist settled in residence at the gallery Por-Aya, in July 2008 in Marseille. With the project to work around the individual in its environment, it is the first part of his photographic series on the city of Marseille, entitled «The Return of the Ambrotype, neighborhood profiles.»

Today, he continued his research and photographic techniques, with pictures taken with the Ambrotype, roaming through his truck lab.

Written by AlexAdmin