petter-engmanPetter Engman (Umea, Sweden) is since 2008 employed at Västerbottens museum as a documentary photographer, primarily working with documentation projects in the region of Västerbotten, in the north of Sweden. Before moving to Umeå he did his MA in Photography at Gothenburg University and his BA in Photography as University of Derby, England.
Petter Engman and Västerbottens museum posesses experience and knowledge in photographic representation and the problematics involved. There is also a long tradition of contextualising photography and making it available to a diverse audience.
Västerbottens museum, Umeå have since the 1960’s worked with documentary photography as an important medium in both exhibitions, documentation of daily life and collections in the archives. The opening of Sune Jonsson Centre for Documetary photography in 2014 is a statement of the commitment to show both swedish and international photography and in that way contribute to wider world view not least of places and photographers less exposed in Swedish photo contexts.

Written by AlexAdmin