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Exhibition: Kukia Alphabet

Contemporary Art Space, Zviad Gamsakhurdia st, 1/5, Batumi, Georgia

Author: Tigran Amiryan

Contemporary city is a layered memory of and about people who lived and keep living there. On the one hand present-day multi-ethnic capital of Georgia boasts with various peoples in the social, political and ...

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The Black Gold – Daro Sulakauri

Europe Square, Batumi,

Author: Daro Sulakauri

Walking in the City of Chiatura in a hot weather is almost like a misty dance floor of a club. Manganese dust looks as if it is visible due to open pit mines. The main river Kvirila, which flows through the whole ...

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Rustavi – Anka Gujabidze

Europe Square, Batumi, Georgia

Author: Anka Gujabidze

Units of the Transcaucasia Metallurgical Plant named after Joseph Stalin are spread across a vast territory in Rustavi. This major enterprise in heavy industry, which came into operation as a result of the first ...

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Exhibition: Elements of the Whole

Ajara State Art Museum, 8, Zurab Gorgiladze St, Batumi, Georgia

Authors: Taras Bychko, Anastasia Starko
Curator: Kateryna Radchenko

A year consists of days, life – of moments, history – of events, memory – of recollections, body – of organs, the whole – of elements. An attempt to cover ...

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Exhibition: Woman’s Journey

Alphabetic Tower, Old Boulevard, Batumi, Georgia

Sitara Ibragimova’s project aims to assist gender understanding and equality through various portraits of local women by educating them on their rights the opportunities available to them. As a whole, the goal is to get a sense of what other ...

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Contemporary Art Space, Zviad Gamsakhurdia st, 1/5, Batumi, Georgia

Photographer Nathalie Daoust’s newest project, Korean Dreams, is a complex series that probes the unsettling vacuity of North Korea. Piercing its veil with her lens, these images reveal a country that seems to exist outside of time, as a ...