Female Ukrainian Photographers // Results 2021

Female photographers result

This year’s Odesa Photo Days Festival conducts Female Ukrainian Photographers open call. Its goal is to give a voice to women: to show what they shoot, what they care about, how they shape stories and visual messages, and to use these examples to trace how contemporary photography develops in Ukraine.

We received 217 applications from 30 cities and 8 other countries. The series of 31 authors were shortlisted and will be featured on the evening screening at Odesa Photo Days 2021 on April 22-25, and at Bristol Photo Festival

“Even at the stage of the announcement it became obvious that holding this open call is important and in demand. The number and quality of applications confirmed this point — we saw that Ukrainian female artists have a distinct view on very different and relevant issues: from the research of a corporeality to mental health and quarantine. Not all applied series got to the final list, but we will keep in touch with interesting authors”, — said Kateryna Radchenko, curator of the contest and Odesa Photo Days Festival.

So, the list of selected authors:

  • Oksana Parafeniuk 
  • Alina Smutko
  • Oksana Nevmerzhytska
  • Olena Shved
  • Krystyna Sahirova
  • Morozova Olena
  • Olia Koval 
  • Lia Dostlieva
  • Rita Niki
  • Kateryna Doroshyna
  • Maryna Shtanko 
  • Olga Zarko 
  • Sofiia Chotyrbok
  • Xenia Petrovskaya
  • Polina Polikarpova
  • Iryna Yeroshko 
  • Daria Svertilova
  • Liza Gasyuk
  • Yulia Kysil
  • Maryna Masel
  • Olga Kukush
  • Svitlana Levchenko
  • Olga Chekaryeva
  • Natali Agryzkova
  • Maryna Brodovska
  • Eva Dzhyshyashvili
  • Ira Lupu
  • Yana Kononova
  • Nastya Didenko 
  • Daryna Berdynskykh
  • Alex Blanco

Congratulations to the finalists and thanks to all authors who sent us their portfolios for the trust — your stories are important and valuable.

The creation of the final video for the evening screening at Odesa Photo Days Festival 2021 and other international festivals is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe programme.