Location map of citylights with Ukrainian photography

As we said earlier, due to the support of our partners – private companies, the Odesa Photo Days festival succeeds in continuing the tradition of interventions in the public space. Photography is light, so let’s add a bit more light to this media in order to draw attention to the Ukrainian authors! To achieve this, we place the work of Ukrainian photographers on citylights in Odessa for a whole month.


23 authors from different ukrainian cities were selected for this project.


This project is possible thanks to the BigMedia company. It’s a part of the largest ooh-holding BigBoard / JCDecaux in Ukraine. It provides a full range of services for the implementation of advertising campaigns in outdoor advertising, sells the largest network of advertising media in Ukraine, which has about 10,000 planes.


In Odessa, the works of Ukrainian photographers can be seen on citylights in the following places:


Roman Bordun Uspenska str, 60 – Oleksandrivskiy avenue.

Pavlo Borschenko  Uspenska str. – Kanatna str, 45 (the bust stop)

Taras Bychko Uspenska str.. – Kateryninska str., 52 (the bust stop)

Vitalii Halanzha Troitska str, 51 – Preobrajenska str.

Ihor Hora Rishelievska str., 60 – Velyka Arnautska str. (direction from the train station)

Ihor Yefimov Rishelievska str., 59 – Mala Arnautska str.

Polina Karpova Rishelievska str, 13 (direction from the train station)

Olena Kovach Rishelievska str., 8

Svitlana Levchenko Pushkinska str. – Troitska str (the bust stop)

Andrii Lomakin Pushkinska str, 42 – Uspenska str.

Serhii Melnychenko Pushkinska str, 37 – Troitska str, 25

Mykhailo Palinchak Pushkinska str, 36

Viacheslav Poliakov Pushkinska str, 33

Oleh Synkov Pushkinska str, 31

Yaroslav Solop Pushkinska str, 20 – Zhukovskogo str.

Anastasiia Starko Preobrajenska str. 49 – Uspenska str.

Olena Subach Panteleimonivska str, (train station)

Maksym Finoheiev Mala Arnautska str., 117 – Preobrajenska str.

Nazar Furyk  Zhukovskogo str, 30 – Kateryninska str.

Yuliia Chervinska Kateryninska str., 72 – Velyka Arnautska str., 69

Ivan Chernichkin Kateryninska str., 18

ihor Chekachkov Kateryninska str., 34/36

Anton Shebetko  Kateryninska str., 88/90 – Panteleimonivska str