Open portfolio review with curator Susanne Gamauf (Austria)

Typically, the portfolio review is organized in the format of twosome meetings and conversations, this is always a limited number of authors whose work can be reviewed. That’s why we decided to open the format of portfolio review with the curator of the gallery Fotogalerie — Susanne Gamauf. Thus, there will be an opportunity to hear what the curator pays attention to when looking at the work,  her advice and criticism.

Susanne Gamauf (Austria) has a rich and long history of curating and administrating exhibitions for the Fotogalerie Wien and other major exhibitions in Austria and abroad; invited expert as reviewer and juror at numerous photo festivals and photo competitions. She is interested in art photography with all its multifaceted aspects and is open minded for pan-media practices. She´s always looking for young talents and thematics Fotogalerie Wien will focus on in the future.

We accept applications within three days. Please, send your Portfolio in PDF format to during April 7-9, 2018. Only 5 authors will be selected for participation.

Participation is free and for brave authors.

28 of April at 14.00 in IQ Space (Zhukovskogo str, 12)