Results of the international open call StandPoint

The second year in a row the main exhibition of Odesa Photo Days Festival is formed according to the results of the international open call.

This year the festival’s theme is StandPoint. The exhibition of the same name is a combination of authors’ visions of the versatility of the world and multiple ways for comprehending reality.

The open call was announced on the 23rd of October and was closed on December 16th. During this time we received 192 photo stories from the 27 countries. The main exhibition is limited by the physical size of the exhibition hall, so the choice was hard. We would like to thank all the authors who shared their stories with us, and also members of the international jury:

Tiina Rauhala, Chief Curator at The Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki);
Alnis Stakle, Latvian photographer, board member of Riga Photomonth, and the Professor of photography at the Rigas Stradins University (LV);
Maya Anner, an independent curator working in Tel-Aviv, Chief Curator of PHOTO IS:RAEL, the International Photography Festival in Tel-Aviv.

So the participants of the main exhibition of Odesa Photo Days Festival 2019 are:

Castelli Marco, Italy
Fernando Montiel Klint, Mexico
Michael Danner, Germany
Michael Palinchak, Ukraine
Carlos Paris, Spain/Venezuela
Arimasa Fukukawa, France
Amy friend, Canada
Shypotilnikov Volodymyr & Anna Pylypyuk, Ukraine
Yorgos Yatromanolakis, Greece
Miguel Brusch, Germany
Vaste Programme (Leonardo Magrelli, Alessandro Tini, Giulia Vigna), Italy