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Stay home

Like the rest of the world, the Odesa Photo Days team is flustered about the unfolding of the COVID-19 coronary pandemic. It is difficult to predict or anticipate what will happen on April 23-26, but we continue to work on the festival program as usual, that is, persistently and remotely.

The international jury selects participants of the main exhibition, soon we will announce the results of the competition for teenagers Future Photo Days. We also prepare a program of evening photo screenings. Of course, together with our partners, we are considering options for moving or changing the format of the festival in case of a quarantine extension. Follow the news on the site — by early April it will be clear how we will proceed.

In the meantime, let’s work and stick to the safety rules. We remind you that in the coming weeks you should refrain from visiting public places and transport, wash your hands more often and more thoroughly with soap, and additionally support your elder relatives and loved ones.

Stay safe!

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Odesa Photo Days

Annual Intro

From 2018, festivals in two countries will begin their own history separately. For three years, we partnered with each other to create a quality product. At the end of 2017, talented, self-sufficient teams has formed in each of the cities, who will develop special formats and programs that are relevant for their countries.

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