Curatorial Talk About Polish and British Photography

19 April at 14:00 in Impact Hub Odessa (1a Hretska str.) curatorial talk “The Memory Works of Weronika Gesicka through the Lens of Contemporary Polish and British photography” will take place. Weronika Gesicka’s exhibition “Confusion” will open a day before — 18 April at 17:00 in the Invogue Art gallery (25 Katerynynska str.)

Photography preserves memories. Photography creates memories. Memories create photography. Photography and memory are inextricably linked. In her works, Weronika Gęsicka interprets this relation referring to both her biography and social experiences. During the talk, curators Max Houghton (UK) and Katarzyna Sagatowska (Poland), starting from the problems present in the artist’s projects – “Traces” and “Collection”, will reflect on how selected contemporary British and Polish artists undertake topics related to memory. To what extent, despite geographical, social and political differences, one can indicate common themes, and to what extent each artist creates his own narrative.