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Virtual exhibition dedicated to the relations between people and the material environment around them are opened.

9 September

Notes on Space online exhibition and printed catalog

Odesa Photo Days and Parallel Platform presented

31 July

Notes on Space exhibition goes online

Odesa Photo Days is a partner of international multi-disciplinary art project

17 July

WHAT NEXT: open call for artists from Poland, Ukraine and United Kingdom

Online and offline events by Odesa Photo Days

3 July

Odesa Photo Days after the quarantine: adaptation and new formats

More than 10K viewers from 42 countries watched the online edition of the Odesa Photo Days Festival

4 May

Odesa Photo Days 2020 Online Edition Results

When and how to attend this year's festival

18 April

Online Schedule of Odesa Photo Days 2020

What will the 2020 festival be like?

11 April

Odesa Photo Days Festival goes online

Photography from Uruguay, Ireland, Hungary and Switzerland under the stars

6 April

The program of the Odesa Photo Days 2020 evening screenings

Finalists of the all-Ukrainian teen photo contest

2 April

Future Photo Days 2020 results

Curated by Giangiacomo Cirla and Elena Rebecca Rivolta

30 March

The international exhibition “Zapping the Archive” by PHROOM

Five artists curated by Tytus Szabelski

29 March

The International Exhibition "Notes on Space"

Five artists curated by Darius Vaičekauskas

27 March

The exhibition of Lithuanian photography “Heavy Black Snow”

International jury and participants of the main exhibition of Odesa Photo Days 2020

23 March

Results of the international open call Who Is Next To You

Will the Photo Festival take place in April?

17 March

Odesa Photo Days 2020 in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The theme of the sixth festival and international open call is «Who Is Next To You»

16 January

Odesa Photo Days Festival 2020 Announced International Open Call

The exhibition in Latvian Museum of Photography is curated by Kateryna Radchenko

4 November

Group Exhibition "The Body of Propaganda" to Open in Riga

28 July

Blind Spot. Contemporary Photography of Ukraine and South Korea

The exhibition is organized by Odesa Photo Days in partnership with the Polish Institute in Kyiv and Adam Mickiewicz Institute and backed by Culture Bridges.

14 July

Weronika Gęsicka’s Exhibition To Open in Kyiv

The first destination point is Khmelnytsky

15 May

The main exhibition is going on tour in Ukraine

Joint project with BigMedia

18 April

Location map of citylights with Ukrainian photography

Informal communication and interesting conversations

16 April

Morning coffee with participants and guests of Odesa Photo Days

15 April

Evening photo showings at Odesa Photo Days 2019

Katarzyna Sagatowska and Max Houghton

13 April

Curatorial Talk About Polish and British Photography

Presentations of the photo projects during the festival

12 April

The List of Participants of the Open Mic

Art, music and informal communication

12 April

A Party and An Evening Photo Screening in Passage

The date of registration opening

8 April

Photo projects presentation in Open Mic format

Two exhibitions within the main program

4 April

Odesa Photo Days 2019 exhibitions

The list of reviewers and opening of the registration

2 April

Odesa Photo Days 2019 portfolio review

20 March

Odesa Photo Days 2019 Program

Festival organizes a number of events in Austria and Ukraine

18 March

Odesa Photo Days Takes Part in Bilateral Cultural Year Austria-Ukraine

Four lectures from curators and photographers from Austria, Greece and Poland will be held within the educational program of the festival

14 March

The lectures during Odesa Photo Days 2019

13 finalists of the photo contest for the teenagers

12 March

Results of the Future Photo Days contest 2019

Young authors are seeking new platforms

5 March

The Future Photo Days photo contest hits records on the number of applications and geography

Odesa Photo Days Festival continues to implement the ideas of recycling the materials that remain after the exhibitions

31 January

Ecological collaboration between Odesa Photo Days and fashion brand Domanof

29 January

Results of the international open call StandPoint

Who will choose participants of the main exhibition StandPoint

14 January

The jury of the international open call announcement

It's time to sum up and celebrate!

24 December

Results and greetings from Odesa Photo Days

The only one in Ukraine, the international festival of contemporary photography Odesa Photo Days 2019 will be held in April.

20 November

Odesa Photo Days 2019 Dates Announcement

Odesa Photo Days Festival introduces Ukrainian photography to the world.

25 October

Ukrainian Photogaphy on the South Korean festival

Odesa Photo Days 2019 Theme – StandPoint

23 October

Open Call 2019

Photo report from the opening ceremony

1 October

The opening of the Off Limits exhibition in Kyiv (PHOTO)

Starting from September 27th till October 14th Kyiv squat-gallery "Material Evidence" will represent the selected photo series of the exhibition "Off Limits"

21 September

Selected photo series from Odesa Photo Days 2018 will be exhibit in Kyiv

It’s a wonderful opportunity to combine travelling with lecture and practical program and to learn how to create your own photostories

28 August

Phototour to Nepal with Kateryna Radchenko

If you couldn’t make it to Odesa this time, we have made a video report on Odesa Photo Days 2018 for you.

21 August

Odesa Photo Days 2018 - how did it go (video)

One of the main results of the first contest Odesa Future Days was that curators from South Korea became interested in works of young photographers

17 August

Photos by Ukrainian teenagers are demonstrated in South Korea

Odesa Photo Days festival is happy to expand and present its expositions in other ukrainian cities. The exhibition “Off Limits. Selected series” was shown in Chernivtsi this July.

16 August

“Off Limits” exhibition in Chernivtsi - how did it go

We are glad to give the opportunity to see the series selected from the main exhibition ‘Off Limits’ in other Ukrainian cities.

28 June

The series of the main exhibition come to Chernivtsi

This year there will be a cool possibility to buy unusual souvenirs from Odesa Photo Days - stylish eco-bags made with real art works! Each bag has a unique image, so nobody will have the same one!

20 April

Souvenir from Odessa with a Georgian accent

Go and sign up for the link

17 April

UPDATE: Registration for the lecture Alec Soth is CLOSED

A fake festival that tries to act on behalf of our name and the visual image - Kyiv Photo Days appeared in the network.

16 April


As we promised, today, on the 13th of April at 09:00 (UTC+3), the registration for portfolio review opens.

13 April

Start of the registration for portfolio review

Portfolio review is a cool opportunity to show your works to leading photographers and curators, hear comments and criticism.

11 April

Portfolio review

This year we received a lot of applications for the main exposition, but unfortunately there is no possibility to show all the interesting series, so we decided to make an experiment.

10 April

Presentation of modern photo projects in the "Open microphone" format

We present traditional evening photo screenings of the best photos from different parts of the world. This year the festival will show series of authors from Portugal, Africa, Finland, Ukraine, Italy

6 April

Evening photo screenings

Portfolio review is an opportunity to hear an expert opinion about your own series of works and show up-to-date projects.

4 April

Open portfolio review with curator Susanne Gamauf (Austria)

Two years ago, a box with photo negatives of Paraska Plytka-Gorytsvit was found.

2 April

Exhibition of Paraska Plytka-Gorysvit "The Sun of the Mountains"

At the first Open International Odesa Photo Days Competition, we received 212 applications from 40 countries worldwide. It was a difficult task for the jury to select series that will be presented

26 March

Final list of main exhibition "Off Limits"

Within the framework of this year's festival there will be two workshops of Ukrainian street photographers - Mikhail Palinchak and Taras Bychko. Enrollment of participants lasts until the april 1st

20 March

Workshops at Odesa Photo Days

During the lecture "Space Between Us," Alec Soth will tell about the evolution of his own creativity on the example of a series of works.

15 March

Magnum Photos' Photographer Alec Soth (USA) will give a lecture at Odesa Photo Days

For the first competition for teens, Future Photo Days, we received 54 applications from 30 cities and towns of Ukraine. Only 14 authors among them were selected to show their work.

14 March

The results of the Future Photo Days contest are defined

We will consider what methods of technological and artistic changes affect the photo industry. What is the the level of Greek Photography nowadays, compare to international standards?

12 March

Lecture "Changes in photography, critical thoughts". Panagiotis Papoutsis (Greece)

We received more than 200 applications from 40 countries, among them 44 portfolios from Ukraine and 168 — from different parts of the world.

7 March

Announcement of the jury of the international open call

"Cafe" Lehmitz", a series of photographs made by Anders Petersen from 1967 to 1970. The photo series resembles a family album that featured various meetings with people in the familiar surroundings.

26 February

Anders Petersen: photos from the series "Cafe Lehmitz"


16 February

Discussion "Photo-market in Ukraine - a chronic absence or a bitter process" (Cancelled)

The Odesa Photo Days Festival is a platform for communication, full of new acquaintances, knowledge, experience and good mood...

14 February

First lecturer at Odesa Photo Days 2018

Odesa Photo Days starts the series of instagram take over, for a few days we will give the account @odesaphotodays to the hands of talented photographers - friends of the fest

22 January

Kevin WY Lee starts the series of instagram #takeover

Festival Odessa//Batumi Photo Days in partnership with the Finnish Museum of Photography have created a photobook "Images tell stories".

5 November

The photobook of Ukrainian families - "Images tell stories" - has been published

Workshop will be focused on how to save messages from disappearing in visual stories; how to organize a photo project so it can transmit a clear message.

5 November

Photography workshop "Creating a visual message" by Rafal Milach and Adam Panchuk

Archive Lost Territories by SPUTNIK Photos is an experimental approach to the form, content and classification of an archive born from the collaboration of a photographer with a writer or curator.

5 November

Exhibition "Lost territories. Phantom. LTA6” by SPUTNIK Photos

Odesa // Youth - series of works by Valentina Bo, Yuri Kolomiyets and Svetlana Levchenko, presented at the main exhibition in the 2017 Festival in Odessa.

4 November