The List of Participants of the Open Mic

It was really amazing — the registration for the Open Mic was closed in 10 minutes! Thank you for your attention and activity.

So at 16:00 on Sunday, April 21 these people will show their photo projects:

  1. Victoria Liholet
  2. Olena Dvukhglavova
  3. Stanislav Ostrous
  4. Svitlana Levchenko
  5. Yuliya Ruzhechka
  6. Albert Lores
  7. Artem Gumilevskiy
  8. Anastasia Karamysheva
  9. Olga Zaderyaka
  10. Alla Brykova

Event schedule — 10 authors, 10 presentations, 10 minutes, 10 slides. You will be able to use the stage to present your project to the professional curators, gallerists, researchers and photographers and get their feedback.