The program of the Odesa Photo Days 2020 evening screenings

Budapest Odesa Photo Days

Disclaimer: All evening photo screenings were scheduled to take place April 23-26 during Odesa Photo Days 2020, but the situation have changed due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Keep up with the festival news.

Evening photo screenings are an integral part of Odesa Photo Days: warm evenings and the opportunity to see contemporary photography from all over the world with the music. Magical immersion into the atmosphere and travels to various stories without leaving Odessa. This year we are discovering photography in new countries through partnerships with the following institutions:

Centro de Fotografía de Montevideo (CdF), which works with archival photography of Uruguay and has launched a competition prize for contemporary Uruguayan photographers. The video will introduce the CdF and show images of the First Football World Cup (1930) and the construction of the Centenario Stadium, images from the Uruguayan National Secretary of Sports’ archive (1914-1958), and the two winners of the Uruguayan Photography Award (2018 and 2019).

Montevideo Centre de Fotografia

Ornamental jumps from the CNEF floating pavilion. Montevideo Bay, circa 1920. Author José Tato Lorenzo. Uruguayan National Secretary of Sports’ Fund.

The Budapest Photo Festival is an annual city-wide exhibition series what represents the contemporary and classical values of the photography by the presence of the Hungarian and international art scene. The video will showcase a selection of young Hungarian photographers and unveil a variety of topics and stories.

New Irish Works is a triennial project run by PhotoIreland to represent and promote the growing diversity of contemporary photographic practices in Ireland. We want to enrich the Irish ecosystem with much needed new voices, new curatorial approaches, facilitate much deserved new opportunities, and invigorate the Irish photography scene. In 2019, for the third edition of the project, an invited independent jury assisted to the selection of ten projects from an international open call for the latest works by artists in and from Ireland, which are presented in this video at Odesa Photo Days Festival.

Parallel – European Photo Based Platform present the work of the 22 artists from around the World, that were part of the Platform’s 1st cycle. Challenging and eclectic, contemporary photography defies boundaries and definition. Once a cultural object, photography then became a cultural-social- artistic practice which engages a wide range of aesthetics, technologies and actors, most of them overlapping and intersecting.

Photo by Josephine Desmenez, provided by Parallel – European Photo Based Platform.

Verzasca Foto Festival aims to promote emerging international photographers and to support visual arts in rural and peripheral areas, by giving free space through connection and dialogues with nature, offering access to different forms of expression and ways of visual storytelling. During Verzasca Foto Festival main days you can enjoy open-air exhibitions, photo nights with live music, presentations, meetings and workshops held by professional photographers. For the evening screenings, the Verzasca Foto Festival brought together a series of Swiss photographers.

Odesa Photo Days thanks all partners for their collaboration and compilation of contemporary and archival photography from around the world. We also thank the authors who submitted the works for our open calls for their incredible photo stories.

Traditionally, the photo screenings program includes slideshows of the finalists of the All-Ukrainian Future Photo Days Contest. This year it will be 18 series shot by teenagers in different parts of Ukraine.

This year we also decided to present some of the authors from the long list of «Who’s Next to You» international open call. The international jury was faced with a difficult choice, and some series lost by literally one or two points before the final exposition within the main exhibition of the festival. We consider it important to show 11 such projects in the evening photo screening.

We are currently seeking the opportunity to show the full or partial program of photo-shows, taking into account the epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the world. Follow up with the festival news.

Cover photo — «Irattár» by Pataki Tamás, provided by the Budapest Photo Festival.