The photobook of Ukrainian families – “Images tell stories” – has been published

This is a book about family photo albums, amateur photography and history, stylistics and scenes in everyday photography.

Photobook  “Images  tell stories” is  one of the first photo editions in Ukraine for a wide audience. The book in light way tells about visual symbols in family photos, about historical connections and fashion influences. This photobook became the result of collaboration between the two organizations – the Finnish Museum of Photography (Helsinki, Finland) and the Odesa / / Batumi Photo Days Festival (Odessa, Ukraine) – within the framework of the international project Tandem Ukraine.

The goal of this project  is to draw attention to the family photo albums, amateur photography and tell about the main historical factors that influenced the formation of stylistics and stories in everyday photography.

Circulation is limited – only 400 books in Ukraine, 78 pages, size 12.5×18 cm, soft cover. Bilingual: UA + EN.

You can buy a book   “Images  tell stories”  in Kiev, Odesa, Lviv and Helsinki, Finland.

  • Buy in Odesa, in Knigarnia-Kaviarn’a  (77 Catherine St.)
  • Buy in Kiev, Resident Shop / Pinchuk Art Center (Velyka Vasylkivska / Basseynaya St, 1 / 3-2)
  • In Lviv – Urban History Center  of East Central Europe (Akademika Bohomoletsa St., 6, Lviv)

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